Our produce


Genuine free-range eggs from the happiest hens

Our eggs are sold from an honesty box at our road end. Sometimes demand exceeds supply – we apologise for that but egg laying is controlled by day length, so as the days shorten, egg production slows down. When hens moult in the autumn of their second year, they stop laying as they cannot grow new feathers and eggs as well – and preparing their “body duvet” for winter is a priority.
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Knitting yarn

From our Coloured Ryeland sheep

We sell yarn made from our sheep’s fleeces. Our sheep are shorn in May, the fleeces are sent off to The Natural Fibre Company and processed into knitting yarn. It is 100% undyed wool – our current batch is 4ply.
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Beef & lamb

Pedigree grass-fed Shetland beef and Ryeland lamb

We sell fresh beef and fresh lamb boxes in the autumn. Beef boxes are a minimum of 10kg on weight and contain a mix of joints, steaks, stewing, braising and casserole beef, burgers and sausages. Lamb boxes are either a whole or half lamb – a half lamb box is about 7-9kg and usually includes leg and shoulder joints, chops, steaks, diced lamb, minced lamb, lamb and mint burgers and Moroccan Merguez spiced sausages.
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